CRAYFISH MENU 21.7. onwards

Walk to Eteläranta in the fresh summer air, sit on our velvet sofa, look out over the Market Square and a waiter will bring you a glass of bubbly to start your evening. After a moment, a mouth-watering smell wafts from the kitchen and freshly cooked crayfish appear on the table to be savoured. This and more can be experienced in Eteläranta from the 21 July. as long as there are crayfish!

Check out the mouth-watering menu below:

8pc cooked crayfish or noble crayfish with roasted bread, butter and dill
Sole pan-fried in butter with capers, lemon, and grilled endives
Rhubarb with strawberry and bread budding

 only 75€/person
(incl. 10+cm crayfish)

You can also reserve larger crayfish if you wish, or swap to noble crayfish altogether. Below are the prices for these menus:

Menu with crayfish (larger sizes)*

Crayfish menu II (crayfish size 11+cm) + 18€ (total 93€/person)

Crayfish menu III (crayfish size 12+cm) + 79€ (154€/person in total)

Menu with the noble crayfish*

Noble crayfish I (noble crayfish 10+cm)  + 26€ (total 101€/person)

Noble crayfish II (noble crayfish size 11+ cm) + 90€ (total 165€/person)


Add crayfish to the menu:

Crayfish +10 cm +5,6€/pc
Crayfish +11 cm +7,9€/pc
Crayfish +12 cm +15,5€/pc

Noble crayfish +10 cm +8,9€/pc
Noble crayfish +11 cm +16,9€/pc

Please note that we only reserve a limited number of crayfish (10+cm) per day.

By pre-ordering you ensure the availability of crayfish and we require a pre-order at least 5 working days before your visit. The order is binding.

Crayfísh availability varies, but we always try to arrange them as close to the desired size as possible. We also reserve the right to make any changes.

Book your table for the feast here:



Pre-order your crayfish by emailing us at or by calling our sales service 0300472334 (0,34€/min+pvm/mpm). Our sales service is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 15.30.