VAPPU 1.5.


VAPPU 1.5.

Come and hang out with friends or family for a brunch on Sue Ellen on May Day. In honor of the holiday, there is a festive menu where chef Jere Hyttinen has drawn inspiration from the traditional dishes of May Day, mixing them with Sue Ellen’s familiar tastes.

We serve the menu in two table settings at 12.00 / 12.30 or 14.30 / 15.00. Only the menu is available, but we take all allergies and special diets into account in person. Check out the menu below:

scallop quenelle, asparagus and cucumber
Bull “Pelle Janzon”
beef fillet, yolk and vendace roe
Red foot
whole roasted red sole, brown butter and capers
Donut and smooth
donut ice cream, rhubarb and sima granite

64 € / person

Wine package for the menu 54 €
Non-alcoholic beverage package 29 €

Grab your table soon and come and enjoy Sue Ellen:

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